How To Make A No-Budget Web Series: The Script

by Anne Flournoy

12.17.09 When the script for what was supposed to be my second feature failed to attract a producer, I decided to kick back and take a crack at viral videos. Compared with sustaining a story for ninety minutes, how hard could it be to come up with one to three minutes? I loved ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’! And I know lots of kids. . . 

The Louise Log

The Louise Log

Follow my example and you too can ruin a summer. I spent every day for two months just missing a thousand great moments– and this in spite of the camera perpetually in my hand. As my dear producer friend Hanna finally advised: “It’s easier, Anne, if you have a script.”

Considering the reception that my ‘second feature’ script had gotten, I was feeling a little gun shy about my abilities as a storyteller. Casting around for a classic story, a very old classic story for which the rights would be in the public domain and not an issue seemed like a good idea. Ideally this story would take place in a few naturally-lit, simple locations which I have access to- for example, my apartment. Best case scenario, this story would involve a minimum number of actors. Obviously it should not require anything fancy like a car crash, an explosion or a real policeman’s uniform. 

A major stumbling block arose: I’m a very slow reader and, worse, reluctant to pick up any printed matter unless it’s a self-help book. 

Please scroll up to the blog tab at the top of this page for the more detailed and informative 12/29 installment of this cliff-hanger blog. And if you need a break from reading, here’s the link to an episode (217 sec) from my series: The Louise Log #13: Louise And The Repairman